About Us


SR Photography is run by two highly experienced, published & award winning photographers who have worked together for over 10 years. Photographing 100 weddings a year, it's important you book as soon as you can in order to secure your date.


A wedding at Orsett Hall, Essex, was where the pair first met & they clicked straight away, no pun intended!


A shared passion for their work & similar mindset started them on a path that has led to them where they are today. You can find out more about them below. Additional members of our team have been personally selected based on the quality of their work, their professionalism & their shared ethos to ensure the very best coverage of your day.




Hi, I’m Simon and I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for over 20 years. I first started out taking ‘snap shots’ at weddings for friends and family. I was always being asked to take pictures as I had a natural flair for capturing the happiness and fun of the day and I loved it. Over time what began as a hobby became my profession with a particular interest in ‘social photography’ or what we would now call documentary or reportage photography.


My work and studies have taken me all over the world and I have observed and learnt from top photographers here in the U.K as well as America, Europe and Moscow.


My work has been published in magazines, on commercial web sites & I’ve won awards. It’s been a fantastic journey so far but I don’t like to rest of my laurels. I’m just as passionate now about my work as when I first started out and continue to develop & evolve as a professional. d of Grammar.




Richard is a successful photographer. The late 1980’ & 90’s. I worked for City camera exchange and Wallace Heaton a prestigious camera retailer to the rich and famous and even trained the world-famous photographer David Bailey in the use of darkroom equipment.


Moving in to the 21st century working for associated press as a freelance press photographer, but wedding photographer being My forte so to speak. Moving to wedding photography I have photographed weddings in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. My passion is to produce natural real-life images of couples enjoying their wedding day in a natural unposed environment, using natural and off camera flash to visualise the envelopment of light.


With featured articles in UK bride Richard is a very experienced wedding photographer